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Box of Allsorts


A Wayfarers Production


At The Theatre in the Hut on 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th October 2021


An evening of songs, sketches and a little murder mystery for good measure!




The Wayfarers Panto


A Wayfarers Production


Coming soon. Watch this space for dates!



Shirley Valentine


An Athame Production


Postponed until 2022


In a world where family obligation has stifled her individuality, and routine has overwhelmed her sense of identity, Shirley Bradshaw is 42 and stuck in a humdrum existence cooking and cleaning for her husband Joe, who can only relate to a life of regimented predictability.


She spends her days talking to the wall and reflecting on the time when she was ‘Shirley Valentine’ and life was full of hope.


When a chance to escape the boredom of her daily existence presents itself, Shirley heads on off on an adventure of reinvention and rediscovery.


Don’t miss this heartfelt journey through love, life, and Liverpudlian humour from the pen of the great Willy Russell.




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* We try to keep to scheduled production dates as much as possible. But please note that in exceptional circumstances these can be subject to change.

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